#1 Ofra Contest: winner

The first Ofra Haza: The One And Only Facebook Contest was started right at Ofra’s birthday, November 19, and was successfully over on November 21. The question to answer was as following:

How many languages did Ofra speak more or less fluently and which of these were the first ones she had learned?



First languages to speak were Hebrew and Yemenite Arabic, furthermore English, French, Italian and German.

The winner naming all of the languages and saying which the first ones were has been chosen: Pavla T. from Czech Republic!

Pavla has won the prize of a copy of the rare album “Atik Noshan”, recorded in 1976 by Ofra Haza and the Hatikva Theatre.

Congratulations again.

The next edition of the contest will take place both here and at the facebook website. Stay updated! You mach subscribe to this website and its news. Just look for the subscribe button at the right side-bar.



Dear Ofra! On November, 19…

…not such a long time  ago a precious soul was called into the world to her duty  – to fill the world with love, beauty and music. Nothing should be able to withstand her sparkles of divine joy and energy, her voice resembling a spring which is never to dry out but only to become stronger from day to day.

What a river derives from such a spring! What a flow of fresh water and of life!

And what ocean can be filled with it!

This spring is you, Ofra. It’s you, the woman, the person, and the voice.

It’s your 53rd birthday.

Never shall the river dry out neither the spring disappear!

Happy birthday!

In honour of Ofra’s birthday I would like to present you a modest gallery of pictures having been shot at her birthday! Enjoy!

Ofra’s Jewish birthday!


on the happy occasion of Ofra’s Jewish birthday date (25. Cheshvan 5771) I would like to announce the semi-official opening on this site and the updates on several pages and outlook of the website! Several pages have been added, the “Why” statement and the partner list have been completed! Others will follow soon.

All the best!



Welcome to this new English Edition of AyinChet’s German fan page http://ofrahaza.de . This is a long-time planned and dreamt-of project of  mine, to establish an adequate open website in English, accessible for each and every new and old Ofra Haza fan. Now in English so that we all can understand what Ofra is all about..

After having seen the neverending comments and discussions at Youtube and all the numerous videos down there, I’ve realised there must something be done about the lack of a functioning up-to-date Ofra Haza website.

My intention hereby is to open this blogsite as both a blog, forum and web archive for all Ofra fans in the world. This website will hopefully be filled as soon as possible (as I am studying and working at the same time and traveling around a lot) with details on Ofra from past and present. The content, basically available at almost 6-year-old OfraHaza.de will be transferred to here, of course in English and with updated content. This will take its necessary time so I beg for your patience and understanding!

If you would like to support me materially (with Ofra Haza material of course!) or idea-wise, please leave a message!

All the best



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